7th December 2020

Geoff & Ade in the chair to bring you 12 new songs including Phoenix Rising Collective, King King, Arctic Monkeys, Kelly Jones, local girl Isla Croll, and Inglorious. Events in music history with stories on the Apple Store opening and closing, Hotel California winning a Grammy award, and Graham Nash forming Crosby Stills & Nash.

30th November 2020

Geoff and Ade back in the hot seat with 12 hot new songs including Collateral, Amber Bugs, Drug Store, Romeos, King Gizzard, Bruce Springsteen and Avalon Emerson. Music events in history includes the first Top of The Pops awards, Bono getting his master tapes back, and The Who at The Marquee.

7th September 2020: Two great new tracks

Ade introduces the Americana-sounding Sheffield band Fargo Railroad Company with their new release ‘Bar Room Band’ from the album ‘Under These Lights’, which we think sounds rather like The Eagles or perhaps Andrew Gold. Following this is ‘Make It Stop’ by Richard ‘Kid’ Strange and Doctors of Madness, from their album ‘Dark Times’.

31st August 2020: Plugger turned singer

Having established a great connection with renowned record plugger and PR man Dylan White over recent years, we were excited to hear that he has released his own record which he actually wrote back in 1983 and recorded it in 2011. Here it is, with an introduction from Ade: ‘Watching Cranes’.

24th August 2020: Two more great new releases

Following Ade expressing his concerns about the future of independent music venues, we introduce two new tracks: Japanese House featuring Justin Vernon with ‘Dion’ from the EP ‘Chewing Cotton Wool’, and Kevin Parker a.k.a. Tame Impala, a personal favourite artist of our webmaster, with ‘Is It True’ from his fabulous current album ‘The Slow Rush’.