7th September 2020: Two great new tracks

Ade introduces the Americana-sounding Sheffield band Fargo Railroad Company with their new release ‘Bar Room Band’ from the album ‘Under These Lights’, which we think sounds rather like The Eagles or perhaps Andrew Gold. Following this is ‘Make It Stop’ by Richard ‘Kid’ Strange and Doctors of Madness, from their album ‘Dark Times’.

31st August 2020: Plugger turned singer

Having established a great connection with renowned record plugger and PR man Dylan White over recent years, we were excited to hear that he has released his own record which he actually wrote back in 1983 and recorded it in 2011. Here it is, with an introduction from Ade: ‘Watching Cranes’.

24th August 2020: Two more great new releases

Following Ade expressing his concerns about the future of independent music venues, we introduce two new tracks: Japanese House featuring Justin Vernon with ‘Dion’ from the EP ‘Chewing Cotton Wool’, and Kevin Parker a.k.a. Tame Impala, a personal favourite artist of our webmaster, with ‘Is It True’ from his fabulous current album ‘The Slow Rush’.

10th August 2020: Thank your lucky stars

Sorry to get your hopes up, Dean Friedman fans, but this is all about commemorating the 60th anniversary of the 100th episode of the TV show ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars’. Geoff & Ade discuss the show and play a great track from Cliff.

3rd August 2020: Two brand new records back to back

We do love our double-deckers on this show, and this week we premiered two new releases, one immediately after the other, by bands with particularly great names: The Social Animals and The Lottery Winners.