Bill Wyman, James Studholme, Kevin Morris, David Reid & Verden Allen

Interviews from 7th October include Bill Wyman speaking to Geoff on Forest FM, James Studholme of Police Dog Hogan, Kevin Morris of Dr Feelgood, David Reid of The Contrast, along with Verden Allen of Mott the Hoople.

Bill Wyman is an English musician best known as the bassist for the English rock and roll band the Rolling Stones from 1962 until 1993. Since 1997, he has recorded and toured with his own band, Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings. He has worked producing both records and film, and has scored music for film in movies and television.  Wyman has kept a journal since he was a child after World War II. It has been useful as an inspiration to him, as an author who has written seven books, which have sold two million copies. Wyman’s love of art has additionally led to his proficiency in photography and his photographs have hung in galleries around the world. Wyman’s lack of funds in his early years led him to create and build his own fretless bass guitar. He became an amateur archaeologist and enjoys relic hunting; The Times published a letter about his hobby. He designed and marketed a patented “Bill Wyman signature metal detector”, which he has used to find relics in the English countryside dating back to the era of the Roman Empire. As a businessman he owns several establishments, including the famous Sticky Fingers Café, a rock-and-roll-themed bistro serving American cuisine, first opened in 1989 in the Kensington area of London, and, later, in two additional locations in Cambridge (now closed) and Manchester.

James Studholme is the lead voclas and plays guitar for Police Dog Hogan, a high-energy and eclectic seven-piece, combining fiddle, banjo, mandolin, drums and guitars with knockout four-part harmonies in an exuberant fusing of country, pop, folk, and rocking urban bluegrass. The Sunday Times has described them as “wonderful”; the Telegraph named them one of its ‘favourite new bands”; Radio 2 called them “a band to watch” and veteran DJ Johnnie Walker praises their gigs as “just a really good, fun time”.  Their literate and superbly crafted songs veer from the wistful and poetic to flat-out, foot-stomping tales of doomed barbecues, French mustard and falling in love on a Tennessee highway.

Dr Feelgood are a British pub rock band formed in 1971. Hailing from Canvey Island, Essex, they are best known for early singles like “Back in the Night” and “Roxette”.

The Contrast are a guitar power pop band based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire in the United Kingdom. They were formed in 1999 by David Reid and have since released five albums on the New York based label Rainbow Quartz and one for Wicked Cool Records. Since the release of their second album Wireless Days, their music has been regularly played by Little Steven on his Underground Garage radio show. Little Steven once described them on air as “One of the best bands on the planet – and England too” and consequently invited them to play the Underground Garage Festival on Randall’s Island in 2004. In May 2007, they released a new album called Underground Ghosts that has since been regularly featured on Little Steven’s Underground Garage show.

Verden Allen is an organ player and founding member of 1970s rock band, Mott the Hoople. Before that band formed, he had in the middle 1960s been in a rhythm and blues cover band called The Inmates and recorded with Jimmy Cliff. In January 2009 it was confirmed that Allen and the other original members of Mott the Hoople would reform for two 40th anniversary reunion concerts in October 2009, which was later expanded to cover five dates, all at the Hammersmith Apollo.

Bill Wyman

James Studholme of Police Dog Hogan

Kevin Morris of Dr Feelgood

David Reid of The Constrast

Verden Allen of Mott the Hoople