Paul Jones, Mike Busby, Chris Wile, Julie Matthews & Lesley-Ann Jones

Interviews from 31 October include Paul Jones of The Manfreds, Mike Busby of the Two Tone Tribute Tour, Chris Wile and Julie Matthews, along with author Lesley-Ann Jones.

Please note, this week also included Lee Rasdall-Done however we’ve having some challenges editing the audio for this.  As soon as we’re sorted, we’ll get it online for you.

Paul Jones is an English singer, actor, harmonica player, radio personality and television presenter.  The Manfreds are a British pop group, formed in 1991 as a reunion of former members of the 1960s pop group Manfred Mann, however without their eponymous founder.

2-Tone took the British music charts by storm in 1979, and for a short, but incredibly exciting period, turned the country into a sea of black and white check. The seven young men at the heart of this musical revolution were the Specials, a band which created a blend of musical genres, mixing punk and Jamaican ska, producing an energy not seen on stage before. The Specials led the way for other bands that joined the 2-Tone movement such as The Selecter, Madness, the Beat, and the Bodysnatchers.  The 2-Tone Tribute Tour was formed to bring back that fantastic moment in time for a generation who lived through it. It’s all about the look, the attitude and, of course, the dancing!

Chris While and Julie Matthews’ musical partnership began in 1993 when they were key members of the legendary folk super-group The Albion Band. In 1997 they left the band to concentrate on their work as a duo which has seen them tour throughout the world and gain an ever growing devoted fan-base. Their songs have been covered by a range of artists including Mary Black, Barbara Dickson, Christine Collister and Fairport Convention. Both multi-instrumentalists, Julie plays guitar, piano, ukulele, bouzouki, mandolin, harmonica and accordion while Chris plays guitar, bodhran, banjo, dulcimer and percussion. Their musical careers have produced successful solo albums and a variety of projects away from the duo including the Christmas band ‘St Agnes Fountain’ with David Hughes and Fairport Convention’s Chris Leslie.

Lesey-Ann Jones is a biographer, novelist, screenwriter, featurewriter and ghostwriter, alongside being a producer and voice-over artist.

Paul Jones of The Manfreds

Mike Busby of the Two Tone Tribute Tour

Chris Wile and Julie Matthews

Lesley-Ann Jones (author)