Ben Westwood & Luke Morley

Interviews from 23 January include Ben Westwood live in the studio, along with Luke Morley of Thunder.

Ben Westwood grew up in the Midlands and East Sussex, and began writing songs as a teenager. After studying music in London, he channeled his creative energies into a writing career. Ben spent several years as a journalist in London before writing travel books in South America. Ben’s world was turned upside down when his wife Carolina died of cancer in June 2013. As a widowed single father he began to channel his emotions into songwriting. Ben lists his musical influences as The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Cat Stevens, Leonard Cohen, Pink Floyd, Nick Cave, KT Tunstall and Coldplay.

Luke Morley is the lead guitarist and co-songwriter for the rock band The Union. From 1989 to 2009 (with a break from 1999–2002) he was the guitarist, chief songwriter and producer for the hard rock band Thunder. Previous to that he was a member of 1980s group, Terraplane who subsequently became Thunder.                    

Ben Westwood (Live in the studio)

Luke Morley of Thunder