Southgate & Leigh, John Lodge, Mike Hurst & Jimmy Helms

Interviews from 22 August include Southgate & Leigh live in the studio, John Lodge of The Moody Blues on the phone, Mike Hurst of Decca Records plus Jimmy Helms of Londonbeat.

Phillipa Leigh and Phil Southgate met at an impromptu jam session at the Edinburgh Festival. The pair decided to gig together when they got back to London playing covers of jazz, blues and soul. After hearing a couple of Phil’s compositions Phillipa was inspired to write lyrics to fit them. Once a couple of songs were complete Phillipa decided to quit everything else and (with a little help from the recession) persuaded Phil to give up his day job in favour of music. They did covers together in a few different bands before braking away to write full time together and form the band Southgate and Leigh in which Phil plays piano and keyboards and composes the music and Phillipa sings and writes the lyrics.

John Lodge is an English musician, best known as bass guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter of the longstanding rock group, The Moody Blues. He has also worked as a record producer. John has collaborated both with his bandmates in the Moody Blues, and with other musicians outside the band.

Mike Hurst is an English musician and record producer.

Jimmy Helems is an American soul singer, best known as a member of Londonbeat.  Londonbeat went on hiatus in 1995, but in 2003, it re-formed as New Londonbeat with a line-up consisting of Jimmy Helms, Jimmy Chambers, Myles Kayne and Marc Goldschmitz.

Southgate & Leigh (Live in the Studio)

John Lodge of The Moody Blues

Mike Hurst

Jimmy Helms of Londonbeat