Peter Chegwyn, Willie Perkins & Chris Bevington

Interviews from 21st July include Peter Chegwyn of Wickham Festival live in the studio, Willie Perkins the audio of the book No Saints No Saviours, along with Chris Bevington.

The outskirts of historic Wickham village provide a picturesque setting for one of the safest and most relaxed festivals of the summer.  The festival offers the chance to enjoy some great live music in a family-friendly atmosphere – find out more at

Willie Perkins left the staid, conservative world of commercial bank auditing to jump headlong into the burgeoning beginnings of The Allman Brothers Band and follows their meteoric and sometimes tragic rise, fall, and revival. Perkins’s interest in the business of music and his association with an interesting pair of friends led him to the opportunity to go to work with the Allmans at the earliest stage of their career. His book allows us to learn from a true insider what it was like to live the nomadic life on the road with the Allmans from their earliest low buck club tours through the triumphant million dollar months of outdoor stadium dates in the mid-seventies.

Chris Bevington has played bass guitar since the age of 16, starting in a School Rock Band “Amoco Cadiz”. After leaving school he joined Dorsai, then Shanghai, playing the local Stoke-on-Trent Venues.  After some years he teamed up with Bill Daison and formed Hardshoulder Blues band which later became The Bill Daison Band.  He has also spent time with the Dave Cotterill Band, The Vanz, Rush Hour, Cry Baby and Hoochie Coochie Boys.

Peter Chegwyn of Wickham Festival (Live in the Studio)

Willie Perkins

Chris Bevington