The Beautiful Secret, Dick Taylor, Richard Houghton & Terry Rawlings

Interviews from 13 March include The Beautiful Secret live in the studio, Dick Taylor of The Rolling Stones and The Pretty Things also live in the studio, author Richard Houghton, along with author Terry Rawlings.

The Beautiful Secret is about writing for the love of music, not about writing to be popular, or to fit into a commercial pocket. Story-telling and music is about being authentic and passionate without succumbing to the manufactured demands of a music business run predominantly by business heads, not music lovers. Find out more at

Dick Taylor is an English musician, best known as the guitarist and founder member of The Pretty Things. Dick was an early bassist for the Rolling Stones, but left the band to become an art student at Sidcup Art College. Whilst there he formed The Pretty Things in September 1963. He now lives on the Isle of Wight.

Richard Houghton is the author of The Beatles – I Was There.

Terry Rawlings is the author of Bermondsey of Bust Part I, and Who Killed Christopher Robin.

The Beautiful Secret (Live in the studio)

Dick Taylor of The Rolling Stones & The Pretty Things (Live in the studio)

Richard Houghton (author)

Terry Rawlings (author)