Mark Tutton, Geoff Downes, Fred Vali & Nick Welsh aka King Hammond

Interviews from 13th July include Mark Tutton of Southampton venue The Talking Heads, Geoff Downes of Asia & Yes, Fred Vail, along with Nick Welsh aka King Hammond.

The Talking Heads in Southampton is one of the finest and most eclectic live music venue – a fantastic pub, live music and entertainment venue with a 260 capacity and a stage area that would not be out of place in some of the more well known London venues.  Featured in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide 2015, the Talking Heads has a heart and soul, great atmosphere and is full of life.

Geoff Downes is an English rock songwriter, record producer, and musician, mainly a keyboardist. He is mainly known as a member of the new wave duo The Buggles, progressive rock band Yes, and supergroup Asia.

Fred Vali is the owner of Treasure Isle Records and was American’s youngest concert promoter at eighteen years old and managing The Beach Boys by twenty-five.

Nick Welsh, also known as King Hammond, played his first professional gig in 1977 at The Roxy in London and began writing and recording as King Hammond in 1986 at the same time he was the bassist in Bad Manners and Busters All Stars.

Mark Tutton of The Talking Heads, Southampton

Geoff Downes of Yes & Asia

Fred Vali

Nick Welsh (King Hammond)