Elea May, Phil Danter, Ray Minhinnett, Ian Prowse & Norda Mullen

Interviews from 10 April include Elea May and Phil Danter of Biscay live in the studio, Ray Minhinnett of Frankie Millers Full House, Ian Prowse of Amsterdam and Pele, along with Norda Mullen.

Biscay are a 6-piece band playing a monstrously groovy hybrid of original funk, nu-jazz and world music.

Ray Minhinnett is one of the UK’s most talented blues guitarists.

Ian Prowse is an English singer-songwriter, currently frontman of Amsterdam and previously of Pele.

Norda Mullen hails from Tennessee in the deep south of the USA. She started her career as a classical flautist, but changed styles in the ’80s to become a top rock and pop session musician, playing with innovative cult bands “Cause for Passion” (Chicago), and “Bahu Rang” (LA). In 2000, Mullen teamed up with legendary composer Randy Newman and was featured on many of his award winning works, as well as a range of other Oscar winning soundtracks, including “Meet the Parents,” “Jurassic Park” and many others.

Elea May & Phil Danter of Biscay (Live in the studio)

Ray Minhinnett of Frankie Millers Full House

Ian Prowse of Amsterdam & Pele

Norda Mullen