Quotes from guests and listeners

We always ask our guests on the show to give us some comments on how they thought the interview went, and to make sure they enjoyed themselves, as well as us often receiving feedback from promoters, record label executives, managers, agents and of course listeners.

“Thanks Geoff. It was good talking to you and the interview sounds great, Cheers, Pete” – Pete Agnew, Nazareth, April 2022

“Great show once again. There is only one question I have: How do you fit in all the great music & quizzes in just two hours???? I have heard other shows in Boston & Providence who run out of music before their shifts are over. Keep doing what you do.” – Sean Agius, March 2022

“Every Monday 2 p.m. Toronto time we listen to you and Geoff and never know what to expect which is nice. I can never get the answers to your quiz because I am a 60’s guy, the decade of the 45 rpm’s and I have a huge collection of them. Once again many thanks for a wonderful show.” – Karl Cordeiro, June 2021

“shows are brilliant. We love them. Thank you!” – John Steemson, Managing Director, Crags Radio, April 2021

“In Toronto we have been averaging -20 Celsius. It is awfully cold, coupled with strict pandemic restrictions, staying at home and breaking the monotony requires change. Nothing like music but presented differently. That is where your 60’s, 70’s and soft rock shows come in. We love your shows, however I am the designated spokesman. One of my pals remarked hey Karl our friend Geoff is on live on Mersey radio on Monday (Solid Gold 60’s), Wednesday (Kick Up The 80’s), Saturday (Supersonic 70’s). But we are sound asleep when you are on the air. We also noticed Dennis Mitchell’s Breakfast With The Beatles and we found an American radio station that rebroadcasts it on Sunday 10 am to noon Toronto time. We love your upbeat style (it is so different in Toronto) and your energy. In these difficult times many thanks for keeping us happy and cheerful.” – Karl Cordeiro, February 2021

“Thanks again for the interview, I really enjoyed it and hope it was good for you too! It was probably the most detailed interview I’ve ever done so thanks again, and cheers for the sound file. All the best and keep up the great eighties work!” – Richard Easter, December 2020

“Thank you, Geoff. It was my pleasure. You made it easy. You filled in the blanks and gently educated your listeners.” – John York, The Byrds, November 2020

“It’s been an absolute pleasure, it really has. I’ve enjoyed it; it’s been interesting, and I’ve loved talking to you.” – Songwriter Nicky Chinn, April 2020

“i thought the interview was wonderful. i picked up a couple of new facts along the way. it’s always great to hear an artist talk about their own music…and pretty special that Bruce Springsteen’s fave is “Baby I Need Your Loving”!! who’d have ever thought it?! Geoff, excellent job, thanks so much!! i so enjoyed this interview with Duke. and thanks very much to Chris who sent the link to me. you have a super operation there!!” – Mary Ruggiero, May 2020

“Many thanks to you to Geoff. Loved the fact that your so knowledgeable of our kinda music, it was a pleasure talking to you. Many thanks once again” – Caroline Stevens, The Klassics, May 2020

“Hi there Geoff, Thank you so much for the interview sweetheart. You are Amazing” – Denise Pearson, Five Star, May 2020

“Great to talk to you again!!!” – Colin Blunstone, October 2017

“Geoff it was a pleasure to talk with you, thank you for the copy and bringing back some great memories. Cheers Vince.” – Vince Connolly of A&M and Epic Records, May 2020.

“Good questions from Geoff and that makes a big difference to me” – David Paton, bassist with Pilot, April 2020.

“Great to talk with you the other day, you certainly know your stuff!” – Gordy Marshall, The Moody Blues, April 2020.

“I was just blown away by your programmes. The thing I really loved aside from the music, was the fact that you just sounded like you wanted to be there, on the radio! So many radio hosts these days just sound like they’re doing it because it’s better than working in a bank or their local supermarket. I just loved your enthusiasm and music knowledge. Call it ‘love of radio’ if you will. It was only this week that I discovered the fabulousness that is ‘All Our Yesterplays’. This morning’s programme was another joyous bundle of memories, together with songs you don’t hear anywhere else like The Four Tops, Joey Scarbury, CSN&Y and Gerry Rafferty. It is a radio programme collective worthy of a massive audience. It really is! And I think your music knowledge and delivery with fluency and enthusiasm is so great to hear on the radio.” – Tim Butcher, former 2CR FM (Bournemouth) DJ, April/May 2020.

“Geoff, Fantastic interview.” – Shelley Rodner, on behalf of Tom Toomey, April 2020.

“Returned from Queensland and the first show I heard from you was the Woodstock Special. Great show loved the music, and all the facts.” – James Eaton, Twofer and Idle Race, September 2019.

“Thanks so much […] It really was a pleasure to meet you both and we cannot than you enough for your help in promoting the album. Thanks also for your kind words. The interview sounds great and we will put this out on our social media! Hopefully see you again very soon” – Al Ross & The Planets, May 2018

“Thanks Geoff and equally honored to bring your 3 shows to the “ROCK ON” Radio Network listeners worldwide. “ROCK ON” My Friend !!!” – Gerry Gallagher, Wrock Radio, June 2018

“Really interesting interview […], your show deserves a national platform.” – Tony, Manilla P.R., July 2018

“Thanks so much for Interview! Your show is a fantastic trailblazer for home grown UK music talent! It’s champions like you guys on UK Radio who have tremendous knowledge and experience that restores my faith in radio here!” – Steve Dinwoodie, Raised On Radio, November 2018.

“Thank you guys for having me on your show. I really enjoyed it. Thank you.” – Neil Taylor, August 2018.

“Thanks Geoff for all the great music love your shows. My favourite Frankie Vaughn tracks, Garden of Eden and Tower of strength. Keep up the good work.” – Dave Legg, August 2018.

“Cheers guys, great interview many thanks!!” – Greg Hart, Supersonic 70s, August 2018.

“Your show is sounding good” – Eli Cavazos, K-Tahoe Radio, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, April 2020.

“Our listeners enjoy your shows and really like you as a personality. They’ve mentioned how they enjoy your voice and style, your song choices and the overall format of the show. And we at Dusty Discs Radio agree.” – Lori Dean, Dusty Discs Radio, September 2018.

“You’re the best. Love your program” – Pat Gwinn, Kool Winds Radio in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

“Interview sounds great – how did you do that?  Usually phoners sound awful… most impressed!” – Sharon Chevin, The Publicity Connection, October 2018.

“Just finished listening to this week’s 60s show.  What a fantastic show, one of the best.  From start to finish some wonderful tunes.  The Foundation double-pick was also great and Build Me Up Buttercup is one of my all-time favourites – and possibly the only song that I know all the words to…which gives me the opportunity to let everyone hear what a good voice I have!” – Tony Molloy, November 2018.

“Thanks very much for this. It was a pleasure!” – Clark Datchler, Johnny Hates Jazz, November 2018.

“Thank you so much Geoff, what a great interview” – Maria Philippou, MP Promotions, November 2018.

“Many thanks Geoff. Best interview over 50 years.” – Mick Jackson, The Love Affair, August 2018.

“I want to personally thank you for coming down to us last week, it was great to see you again! I also want to thank you for jumping in on that vacant hour… totally unexpected to hear you on my drive over… yet so truly appreciated! You brought your usual professionalism and presentation to help make it our first successful LRD [local radio day]! Thank you again!” – Kieran Williams, KeeP 106 Radio, Dorchester, May 2019.

March 2018

“I had a great time interviewing with you.” – Ken Knox from Chairmen of the Board

“I really enjoyed the visit, you made us feel at home and relaxed. You guys are a really good team and I raise my hat to your musical knowledge.” – Pat Martin from Unicorn

“It was a pleasure chatting with you. Good questions, a fun experience. I can tell you have a passion for what you do. No wonder you’re still doing it.”- Andrew Solt

January 2017

“Hi Geoff. You are a brilliant brilliant broadcaster and your music knowledge is just amazing. I’m so pleased your programme is getting out there so widely. You totally deserve it! Hope to see you again soon.” – Lisa Davies, plugger for Radios 1 & 2

August 2012

“Thanks Geoff. It was great to meet you and thanks again for your kind words and support. We really had a great gig.” – Jim Cregan

July 2012

“Many thanks for interview and for having us on show. Look forward to hopefully chatting again soon! – Jack Kansas of Damn Vandals

“Thanks Geoff, really enjoyed the interview! We’ll be sharing this on our Facebook page tonight.-
Teddy Lewis of Central Excuse

June 2012

“Great to speak to you and a big thanks for your continued support of Limozine.” – Dean of Limozine

March 2012

“Just a quick message to say that I really enjoyed my recent live interview with Geoff Dorsett and thanks so much Geoff for telling everyone about the Slim Chance gig at the Cellars in Eastney! It was a real pleasure talking to you… best regards to you and everyone at the station” – Steve Bingham

“Really enjoyed our interview, Geoff… gratifying that you really know your stuff, you’d even heard of Yachts for goodness sake! Let’s do it again sometime…” – Henry Preistman

“I would like to thank you for the great interview you did with Bo Walton a couple of weeks ago…”-
Graham Sclater

“Thank you for having me on your great show! I really enjoyed it tremendously!” – Philipp Frankhauser

“Had a great chat with Geoff, he’s a total pro and we’ll be taking him up on his offer of popping in to the studio when we’re down Portsmouth way!” – Jamie & The Mixups

“Just listening to your interview with Philipp Fankhauser – what a cool couple of guys having a great chat together! Keep it up bringing new music to us…” – Roger Guntern