Quotes from our Guests

We always ask our guests on the show to give us some comments on how they thought the interview went, and to make sure they enjoyed themselves. Where we've been given permission to publish their comments, we've posted them up here...

March 2018

I had a great time interviewing with you.
Ken Knox from Chairmen of the Board

I really enjoyed the visit, you made us feel at home and relaxed. You guys are a really good team and I raise my hat to your musical knowledge.
Pat Martin from Unicorn

It was a pleasure chatting with you. Good questions, a fun experience. I can tell you have a passion for what you do. No wonder you’re still doing it.
Andrew Solt

January 2017

Hi Geoff. You are a brilliant brilliant broadcaster and your music knowledge is just amazing. I’m so pleased your programme is getting out there so widely. You totally deserve it! Hope to see you again soon.
Lisa Davies, plugger for Radios 1 & 2

August 2012

Thanks Geoff. It was great to meet you and thanks again for your kind words and support. We really had a great gig.
Jim Cregan

July 2012

Many thanks for interview and for having us on show. Look forward to hopefully chatting again soon!
Jack Kansas of Damn Vandals

Thanks Geoff, really enjoyed the interview! We'll be sharing this on our Facebook page tonight.
Teddy Lewis of Central Excuse

June 2012

Great to speak to you and a big thanks for your continued support of Limozine.
Dean of Limozine

March 2012

Just a quick message to say that I really enjoyed my recent live interview with Geoff Dorsett and thanks so much Geoff for telling everyone about the Slim Chance gig at the Cellars in Eastney! It was a real pleasure talking to you... best regards to you and everyone at the station
Steve Bingham

Really enjoyed our interview, Geoff... gratifying that you really know your stuff, you'd even heard of Yachts for goodness sake! Let's do it again sometime...
Henry Preistman

I would like to thank you for the great interview you did with Bo Walton a couple of weeks ago...
Graham Sclater

Thank you for having me on your great show! I really enjoyed it tremendously!
Philipp Frankhauser

Had a great chat with Geoff, he's a total pro and we'll be taking him up on his offer of popping in to the studio when we're down Portsmouth way!
Jamie & The Mixups

Just listening to your interview with Philipp Fankhauser - what a cool couple of guys having a great chat together! Keep it up bringing new music to us...
Roger Guntern










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